Training Courses & Certificates

Specialist Services being offered

A Perks Enterprising is a Specialist Engineering Company, offering a wide range of services and training to the South African refrigeration and air conditioning industries, to help establish a higher level of competency and compliance. Here are the key services currently being presented:

Ammonia Plant Operator Training

A one day course incorporating the operation of basic ammonia refrigeration systems and much more on plant equipment and operation - a must for people operating plants and SAQCCGas Registration.

Ammonia Emergency Response Training

Incorporating Handling Ammonia Safely "A" - SAQCCGas Category A for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems.

Handling Ammonia Safely

Handling Ammonia Safely "B" - SAQCCGas Category B for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems.

Pressure Equipment Regulations

Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 Requirements
Accreditation for technicians to perform a Certificate of Conformity assessment of an Ammonia Plant

Risk Analysis (as required by the OHS Act)

To assess compliance to SANS 10147 (as required by SANS 10147) – a legal requirement of the OHS Act

Basic Ammonia Design Training

Ammonia Design Training Level 1
This five day course introduces learners to the basic design of ammonia plant and equipment

Plant manuals for Operators (As required by SANS 10147)

A visual manual illustrating plant equipment operation & troubleshooting – you need to train your staff.


This course will be based on case studies highlighting issues and solutions.

Electrics for Fridge Techs

An essential part of any refrigeration technician's training is understanding electrical circuits.


Why & How about Condensers - This course sets out to explain and demonstrate the correct procedures to be adopted.

Managing your Cold Store

This course is designed to instruct all managers about the issues associated with operating a cold store facility including incident management and environment issues.

Refrigeration Project Management And Engineering Services

As an independent service provider we are available to assist with troublesome issues that need a fresh input and to assist with the planning and development of new projects.

On Site Emergency Plan and Site Emergency Procedural Issues (as required by the OHS Act)

As all Ammonia plants are classed as hazardous you are not only required to have an on-site emergency plan but through practice and application to train you staff for possible incident